BuSSy's First Storytelling Night

BuSSy’s in-house storytelling nights are storytelling events and a safe space in which BuSSy’s close friends can share their personal stories.

On BuSSy’s first storytelling night, BuSSy’s storytellers shared stories from the archive with the project’s friends. After the performance, BuSSy held an open mic session for attendees to encourage them to share their personal stories.

30 October 2016 - BuSSy’s space, Cairo

* First night of the series: BuSSy’s in-house storytelling nights

The storytelling nights are private events for BuSSy’s close circle.

Chimaa Tantawy
Jehan Fadi
Maha El Ashkar
Ola Abulshalashel
Shady Abdullah
Sondos Shabayek

Mostafa Abd Elaty