Working Mothers was storytelling day for celebrating working moms who just won’t get a break. Moms were invited for a day of sharing the stories that they often times don’t find the space in their lives to share.

30th March 2019
Rahet Bally Cloud - Cairo

BuSSy participated in the international feminist arts Festival Chouftouhonna in Tunis with her performance Look at Her.

6-9 September 2018
Bernard Turin Hall, The National Tunisian Theater, Elhalfaween.

You Think You're a Man?
Scenes from the lives of ten young women

26th April 2018
Dawar - Downtown

An audio journey through the lives of 11 women behind prison bars.

24th and 25th of February 2018
Huda Shaarawy - Downtown - Cairo

A dance and storytelling performance with girls from Banati foundation.

6 August 2017
Dawar - Cairo

A performance of personal stories and testimonies of women from Helwan about stigma and family pressure.

16 September 2017
Dawar - Cairo   

A performance of personal stories and testimonies of young men from Ezbet Al-Hagana district.

28 October 2017
Theater of Studio Nasebian - Jesuit


An exhibition composed of impressions of and reflections on Cairo by Cairenes.

3–4 May 2016
Theatre Liberte, Toulon, France

Second storytelling night for BuSSy’s circle: A mini performance of stories followed by an open mic for stories from the audience.

3 December 2016
BuSSy’s space, Cairo

A storytelling night about stories of abusive relationships (psychological and physical).

22 April 2017
BuSSy’s Space - Cairo