BuSSy Performance in Aswan

In partnership with the British Council and Ganobeyya Horra, and as part of our ongoing project ‘BuSSy Caravan’, BuSSy held the first storytelling workshop of the year in Aswan in January 2017. We held two storytelling workshops; one for males, and one for females. The workshops lasted for two weeks and at the end a selection of stories was made for the final performance.

The performance shared stories of women and men from the community about sexual harassment, Hijab, masculinity and women in work and public spaces. After the performance the audience participated in an open mic that extended for an hour, where they shared their own stories in response to the performance.

In early 2014, BuSSy began “BuSSy Caravan” a traveling workshop that brings together women and men in different cities for storytelling workshops to uncover the truth about gender based issues such as sexual violence, domestic violence, sexual discrimination, and more, in their own cities.