Look at Her

BuSSy participated in the fourth edition of the international feminist arts festival Chouftouhonna in Tunis with her performance Look at Her. The performance focused on women's relationships with their bodies and how society's perception of the female body interferes in this relationship.

The performance focuses on the narratives of two young Egyptian women from childhood, puberty and adulthood, about their relationship with their bodies and how society's perception of the female body affects this relationship. The stories shed light on life of women in Egypt--exposing the realities of day to day experiences in Cairo; street harassment, enforced dress code, gender discrimination at home and at work, abuse in relationships, shaming of female body parts … etc.

BuSSy’s trip to Tunisia was supported by Prince Claus Fund.

October 2013 - Élysée Theatre, Lyon, France

Other performing dates:
4th December 2013 - Rawabet, Cairo

Mona El Shimi
Sondos Shabayek

Light Designer
Saber El Sayed

Ayman Badr

Technical Support
Dina Abdel Nabi

Movement and Choreography Coach
Shaymaa Shoukry

Shaymaa Shoukry
Sondos Shabayek

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