The 7-year-old Harasser

The 7-year-old Harasser

I saw a 7-year-old boy physically harassing a girl.
I was confused.
How did the boy know which parts of the woman’s body
to touch?
How? He’s only seven!

I personally found out about sex,
In a seminar when I was 17,
Before that I knew nothing.
How did this boy know about that?
He ran after the girl and groped her.

So I grabbed the boy,
Should I beat him up?
What would it look like, a grown woman beating up a young child?
People will probably crowd around.
What might they say?
Yes, I feel bad about what happened,
But he’s only a kid!

What did he get out of groping her?
What urge did it satisfy?
I guess it just ended up hurting me.

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