The Signs of Adolescence

The Signs of Adolescence

I was 14 when people around me started talking about jerking off and puberty.
I didn’t understand anything.
I hadn’t reached puberty yet.

I was so happy when I did.
And I told my friends about the dream I had the next day.
“Do you jerk off?” one of them asked me.
I said yes.

And this other day I was on Omegle.
And I met a pretty girl and started chatting with her on Skype.
It was a video chat.
Then, she told me to jerk off.
So I did.

I regretted it and said I wouldn’t do it again.
But I did.
Again and again and again.
My friends said it was addictive, and it really was.

I still cry every time after I masturbate.
And I pray to God to help me stop.

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