The Bridal Cloth

The Bridal Cloth

I know your mother isn’t good at this so she won’t tell you anything.
The thing men care about the most is that you take a shower first.
Don’t ever let him notice that you skipped a day of showering.

You should get your whole body waxed every two weeks.
Don’t ever let him see hair on your body.
Men are disgusted by it.
Look at how my daughter-in-law is pampering my son.

I know you must’ve seen how they do things in films.
But listen to me here, let him be in control.
There’s no yes or no.
Here, women don’t talk about these things.
You must only do as he says.

And as for the towel your mom got you,
No, not the kitchen towel.
I mean the bridal cloth.
Give it to your mother the next day.
Don’t give it to your mother-in-law.
We won’t hear the end of it if she sees it.
Put it in a drawer in your bedside table until your mother comes to visit in the morning.
Make us proud.

I’m telling you this because I know your mother won’t talk to you about it.
If you listen to me and do as I say, you’ll be a happy woman.
Divorce is not an option for us.
May things go as planned.

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