I’m not a doormat

I used to stay quiet about things.

If, for example, someone harassed me on the bus, I’d simply get up and sit elsewhere.

I can’t do that anymore. I don’t know why.
Maybe I just can’t bottle it up anymore.

One time, when a guy tried to grope me, I made a huge scene.
Another passenger on the bus, a girl, disapproved of how I handled the incident.

She said I should have just quietly changed seats, and that there was no need for all the drama.

"Drama?" I asked. "You think I’m being dramatic? So, you think it’s okay for someone to just reach out and grope you? I’m not a doormat. Nor am I carrying a sign that says ‘Fondle Here!’"

*Story was performed in:
- BuSSy 2009 - Cairo

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