The Metro

I entered the women’s metro car, and as usual, found men there.
Usually I fight them, but that day I wasn’t feeling well, so I said nothing.

A while later, a girl asked for my help to get them out of the car.
So I stood with her while she shouted at them,
Then suddenly, I found myself getting kicked twice.
I stood my ground.
One of the men shouted at the girl “Have you got nothing else to do?”
Suddenly I found myself breaking down and screaming
“Leave us alone! You won’t let us walk in peace.
And you won’t let us take the metro in peace!”

When I got home that day, my legs were swollen.
That day I wished that I was stronger than I was.
I keep thinking about what happened, and how if it happened again,
I wouldn’t let the man who hit me go.
I would sue him and the metro station,
And the guy holding the mic, who saw me and yet kept yelling
“The low-lives who are forcing the metro doors open, get off!”

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