When I hugged a friend of mine

I was hugging a friend of mine.
He needed a hug, and so did I.
We lingered a bit; he was crying on my shoulder.
To be held is a basic human right!

Two guys passing by cursed at us: “You faggots and sons of…”
I hugged my friend out in public because he needed it, and because I needed it too.
When I heard the comments, I pulled away from him by saying, “What’s this? You’re crying?”

But I had wanted to keep on hugging him until he had let it all out.
I wanted to hug him without fearing or worrying what passersby would say.
From now on, I’ll hug him less in public.
But when we’re alone, I’ll hold him and won’t pull away until he feels better.
I want him to feel that he’s a human being who deserves to be hugged, and I, too, am a human being and deserve to be hugged.

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