Every Area Is Different

Every Area Is Different

Whenever I go to a new place,
I scan the area really quickly.
I’m used to doing that.
I scan it really quickly,
As if I’ve been there before.
If it’s a shaabi [densely-populated; low-income] area,
Then I consider myself in my own neighborhood.
If it’s Maadi, for example,
Then I relax.
I need to be vigilant whenever I’m walking with a girl in a shaabi area.

For example, in a shaabi area,
You can’t walk with your arms around a woman.
You’d be asking for it if you did.
It’s okay to just walk alongside a woman,
But without any display of affection.
If you walk with your arms around a woman,
You’d never hear the end of it.

It differs from one area to another.
You need to read the place first.
If it looks like trouble,
Then you need to be careful.
It’s best to pretend not to see the people hanging around those places.
But if the girl you’re walking with seems tense,
They’ll intentionally bother you both.

If someone bothers you,
You should ignore them.
Everyone knows that.
If you try to act tough,
To impress the girl you’re with,
You’re going to get humiliated.
We go into an area knowing what should be done in these cases.

It’s not easy,
But I’ve gotten used to it.
I know how to deal with the different kinds of people there.
I’m an expert now.

If a friend of yours gets into a fight in a neighborhood he’s not from,
You should act reasonably and calmly.
You can’t get into a fight with them.
Your role is to break it up calmly.
“What did he do, man?”
“What’s happening here?”
Do you think fighting is the solution?
Are you happy now?”
“No no, it’s like that, man.”
“What did he do? Tell me.”

Before you know it, the fight will over,
And the two will be making up.
Your friend will be satisfied too.
And that’s the end of it.

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