Inevitable End

My father started beating me up and grounding me since I was a child,
Over the silliest things.
Like suspecting I’m in a relationship.
My brother also beat me up,
Since he was considered a father figure.
Later when I got married, my husband would also beat me up,
Then it stopped.

I was happy to get married,
I thought that I’d get the respect that I didn’t get at home.
But things ended up being worse.
I was not allowed to leave the house,
I was beaten, constantly questioned,
And forbidden from seeing my family.
Divorce was the inevitable end.

I did not regret my decision even for a minute.
I regret all the times I did not stand up for myself.
I became a hot-tempered and aggressive person,
With my son, father, and brother.
I do not accept criticism or advice.

I hope I can go back to my normal kind self.
But I don’t know how to.

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