Every Last Detail

My parents explained to me in detail everything about puberty,
Before it happened.
They were psychologically preparing me for it,
So that I wouldn’t be taken by surprise.
They were also laying the groundwork for the social and religious obligations,
That accompany puberty.

I hated puberty,
And I hated my body,
Because of the responsibilities that came with it,
And because of the boundaries that were set,
Due to the physical changes that were taking place.
I used to bind my breasts with bandages to hide them,
So that I wouldn’t be forced to wear clothes I didn’t want to wear.

I was in the 7th grade the first time I got my cycle.
I hid it,
And no one knew.
I used regular tissue paper.
The second time I got it,
I was forced to tell my mother,
Because using tissue paper was inefficient.
She was very happy.
She congratulated me,
And so did my father.
I wasn’t happy like they were,
Because I knew what was going to follow.

They didn’t make me feel embarrassed about my cycle or my body.
But they failed to convince me that,
The religious obligations that came with my period were good and special.

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