Working from Home

I started working during my first year of college.
That’s when I became financially independent.
My father passed away long ago,
And my mother doesn’t have any money.
I was completely independent.

I got married after I finished college.
My house was very far,
So I couldn’t keep my old job.
I was living in Obour,
And I didn’t really care about finding another job there.

I eventually got pregnant with twins.
I suffered from postpartum depression for a year and two months after giving birth.
I had constant nervous breakdowns,
And would cry hysterically.
I was under so much pressure from my in-laws.

This went on for two years.
And then I decided to get myself a job.
But I couldn’t leave my kids at home and go to work.
They were too young.
I couldn’t even send them to a nursery,
Because who would drop them off and pick them up?
I needed to work.
I worked for 8 years before getting married.
And I stopped working for three years after marriage.
I wasn’t used to that.

I decided to learn how to bake cakes.
I had zero experience when it came to making desserts,
But I decided to learn.
I taught myself through Youtube,
Especially Sally Fouad’s tutorials.
And then I started a small business.
It’s been running for 2 and a half years.
I make 3D cakes and cupcakes.

When I told my husband about this project, he said,
“What? You don’t even know how to bake cakes.
Find something else to learn.
Something that’ll get you a job.”
I couldn’t believe he said that.
He wanted me to find something else to do,
When all I wanted to do was bake cakes.

I dismissed him.
If I had listened to him,
I would’ve given in to frustration.
I showed my friends the things I made,
And posted pictures of them on Facebook.
I received positive feedback like,
“Wow, this is amazing!”
“You really made this yourself?”
“You have to start your own business!”

I was actually considering taking it up as a profession.
I made everyone around me try what I made.
“Mama, come taste this!”
And I would ask my mother-in-law,
“Do you think it looks nice?
Taste it too.”
I kept learning new things to make.
I could only make 4 or 5 things.
But I kept improving them.

I didn’t stop teaching myself new things.
I didn’t want to be an expert in making all kinds of dessert.
I reached a level where I became financially independent.
It was something I wanted to do ever since I got married.
I didn’t want to take money from my husband,
Even though he never said no to anything.
I was more comfortable paying for things with my own money.
I didn’t want to feel embarrassed or hesitant when asking him for money,
I’ve been married for 6 years,
And it still embarrasses me to take money from my husband.

Everything fell into place when I started working.
I work at home,
And stay with my kids.
Perhaps I’m lucky I’m able to work from home.
Others aren’t able to do the same thing.
I don’t need to work,
But I want to.

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