Clean Up My Shit

He used to hit me,
And curse me.
He wanted me to quit everything: work and school.
Because he wasn’t very ambitious.
He only agreed that I get a job when we decided he’d take my salary.
“You should thank God I married you,” he’d say.
“You’re supposed to clean up my shit.”

He was actually the one who wanted to be with me.
He kept pursuing me until I said yes.
The last time he hit me I told him,
“Please, for the sake of our love.”
“What love?
We’re married now.”

The weird thing is,
Up until we got divorced,
I was actually willing to go back to him,
Even though he hurt me a lot.
I just want to know why he divorced me,
And why he left me hanging for a while,
So I’d give up my dowry.
He even refused to sit and talk with him like a man.

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