As Stiff as wood

I was at a birthday party in McDonald's.
I don't remember how old I was but I was young... around 10 maybe.

The song "Macarena" was on, and all the kids at the birthday party were dancing, and my mom was sitting there.

I just stood in my place, nailed to the floor.

My mom started telling me, "Dance, don't be as stiff as a board!"

I got up and danced for a little bit, and this was the last time I danced.

I never danced again after that, not at weddings nor at birthdays.

Not even on my own.

I feel shy dancing in front of men, but I don't even dance in front of women.

I don't even dance for myself.
I can't. I can't dance. I can't.

*Performed in:
Look at her - Cairo, Lyon - 2013

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