I’m hurt

I’m hurt

I’m Hurt
They told me that if I was hurt, I could come here and speak about what has hurt me.
And I want to… but I just can’t…
I can’t remember.

Long ago I decided to forget and to forgive, and ever since, I've been forgetting everything and forgiving anything.
So, each time you hurt me, I would just forget what you've done and all you've said.
All that stays with me is the pain.

Men always remember deeds, and women always remember the feelings that every doing has caused.
I can't tell how you’ve hurt me because you've hurt me so many times.
I don't want to speak to you because I am afraid your reaction would hurt me more. I keep it all in and keep my mouth shut and turn it into a smile.

I wish you would know that no one has hurt me the way you've hurt me. And it is you who I've loved more than anyone in the world.
I've already forgotten all that you've said and done, but the pain is unforgettable.

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