In his eyes I see … nothing!

In his eyes I see … nothing!

I find myself on the ground. The girl is still holding on to me, arms wrapped around my neck.
I kick my legs around wildly.
I’m blacking out from the number of people surrounding us and on top of us.
I can’t breathe.

Am I going to die of suffocation?

I keep passing out and coming around to the same scene.
I'm pushing, resisting, choking.
I regain consciousness. I'm pushing, resisting.
I can't breathe.
When I come around the third time, I see that they have pulled the girls out of the mob.
"Enough!" a guy shouts.
Someone grabs me by the pants and drags me out onto the asphalt, away from the mob.
I spot one of the harassers.
I pull myself up, leaning against a railing for support, and head towards him.
I look at him, and in his eyes I see...

*performed in:
- Hey Sugar - Cairo - 2012

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