Just Talk to Him

Just Talk to Him

It was the summer break of year seven.
I was on the beach with my parents and relatives.
I saw him trying to get closer.
There was nothing I could do though.

After a while I went for a walk.
He followed me and then his mom called on me and asked “what year are you in?”
“I am in year seven”
By that time my parents had moved and I was the only one left.
She asked for my name then she took off a silver ring and gave it to me.
“Take this. I want you to have it, and so does he! You’re so pretty and quiet.”
When my mom returned she kept talking to her.
I didn’t understand what she told my mom.

After that I made my neighbors take walks with me from Victoria to Stanley.
Just so that I could look at him.
And they were clueless.
The moment he’d try to approach me, I’d tell them:
“Let’s go!”
Until one day one of my neighbors asked me:
“Why do you bring me here?”
I told her: “so we can look at the sea!”
“Just talk to him already!” she said
“No I can’t, I can’t!”
“Then why do you bring us here? Listen, this is the last time we come here; my legs hurt. He’s going to come and try to talk to you as usual. Don’t leave!”

The moment he came over and start saying nice things to me,
I exclaimed: “Let’s go! Let’s go!”

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