My Fault

I was wearing a dress that day.
I was on my way to a concert in Al-Mahrousa.
I was feeling happy.
I was walking down a side street.
I thought it was okay since it was daylight.
I was heading towards the main street.

Suddenly, I felt myself being lifted off the ground.
I screamed,
But no sound was coming out.
But then it did.
He threw me on the ground and ran away.

I still remember what he looked like.
He was dark-skinned,
Had wide shoulders,
And short hair.
My head was spinning.
I couldn’t fathom what had just happened.
Someone opened a window,
Looked at me,
Then looked at the man running away,
And closed the window.

There were two guys playing football who saw what happened.
They didn’t do anything.
It’s as if nothing had happened.

I thought about not going to the concert.
But it would’ve been too difficult for me to go home in that state.
When I got to the concert,
I told him what happened.
I was in tears.
He walked away.
Later he told me,
“This wouldn’t have happened if you were wearing the hijab.”
He thought it was my fault.

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