People Call Me Crazy

I’ve always had curly hair. I hated it as a child.
I thought there was something wrong with it.
I’d pray to God to make my hair straight.

I made peace with my hair when I grew up.
That’s when I liked having curly hair.
But it’s the people around me who make me feel that something is wrong with it.
I had it straightened most of the time.

With time, I started seeing my curly hair as part of my identity.
It truly does reflect my character.
I’m a messy, unorganized person, and I like that about myself.
My messy hair naturally reflects my personality.
I’ve embraced my messy hair. I love how messy it is.

But, sadly, my family still makes fun of it.
They call me crazy.
My mother always tries to convince me to tie it back or straighten it.
But I refuse.
“People will think you’re crazy,” she tells me on a daily basis.
“Let them think what they want. I don’t care,” I’d say.

I wish people would recognize natural beauty.
There’s beauty in everything.
There’s no need to bully each other.
Why should we hurt people’s feelings?
Life is hard as is.

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