Reading Their Looks

Reading Their Looks

One of the worst things to discover is that you're able to read the eyes of men as they look at your body.
Like when you start noticing as one guy looks at your breasts, and another at your lips, and a doorman looks at your waist, and so on.

Then you start interpreting the meaning behind these looks:
 a look of admiration, a look of lust, a look where you just know that he's trying to imagine you naked!

After you discover all this, you start trying to ignore these looks.

I think if I pay attention to every look I get the moment I step onto the street, I'll feel that I've been stripped naked around 20 times and touched maybe 300 times every day.

I find these looks and stares worse than someone touching you, because I can't prove them.

I can't make a scene in the street because a guy looked at me.
He'll simply say, as they usually do, "I didn't even come near you!" How do I tell every man that my body is not a bus stop?

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