The Research

I was in the fourth year of college.
I was supposed to write a research paper and submit it by the end of the school year.
I decided to do scientific research on sex.
“I’m preparing a research but I’m worried it might get rejected,” I told my professor.
“Why?” he asked.
“Is it about politics?”
“No,” I said. “It’s about sex.”
He looked at me.
“Will you be able to do it? If so, do it and I’ll support you,” he said.

I did the research on sex in Islam and other religions and on sex in philosophy.
During the final examination, the professor held up my research paper in her hand and read aloud the title, “What Is Sex?”
“Who did this research? Come over here now.”
I went to her with the rest of the research group.
“Why did you choose this topic?”
“I wanted a topic no one’s talked about before and that’s considered taboo.”
“And you think you’re knowledgeable enough to talk about this topic?”
“This is just a scientific research.”
She started to shout and said things like,
“Watch what you say to me! I’m your professor!”
But I didn’t even say anything inappropriate.
She skimmed through the research paper,
Then said to me,
“Listen to me, dear. Don’t think that you’re going to amount to anything in the future.
This is just some petty women’s talk.
It’s the kind of thing women gossip about.
You should just change the title to “Petty Women’s Talk.””
I didn’t let it go.
I went to the dean and filed a complaint against her.
She was called in for an investigation.
I showed my research paper to the professor who said he’d support me.
He said it was a comprehensive and excellent research.
I got top grades.
But I’ll never forget what the other professor told me.
“I’ll change the title of your research to “Petty Women’s Talk.””

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