Sex Is Dirty

My American friend told me that it got way better,
And that she started enjoying it more after she got married.
Because it felt safer.
It didn’t feel like a sin.

Yes, sex is considered dirty and wrong even in the West.
It’s nice, yes, but wrong.
Doing wrong things is fun.

There’s this saying,
“The most fun things in life are either immoral, illegal, or they make you fat.”
And of course what they mean by “immoral” is sex,
Among other things.
Can you imagine what it’s like in our Eastern society,
When even the West thinks sex is immoral?

So, for 30 years or longer, we’re told that sex is wrong and inappropriate.
Then, all in the space of one night,
Women are expected to put on a white dress while men sign a piece of paper in the presence of a bunch of guests,
Who are invited there to clap and approve of the “naughty”thing we’re going to do later that night!
And you expect us to actually enjoy ourselves?

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