Yo, Shikabala!

I went out with my hair down yesterday.
It was curly and a little bit frizzy.
“Your hair is disgusting,” a guy on a bike told me.

I always hear comments like, “Hey, Shika!” when I’m walking down the street.
I don’t get the link between curly hair and the football player Shikabala.

I also get racist comments because of my skin color.
A kid once started singing the word “chocolate” when he saw me, like that song from one of Heneidy’s film.

My dark skin is not a bad thing.
It’s actually the traditional Egyptian skin color.
I’m not African-American.
I’m not saying that being African-American would be a bad thing.
But the people who comment on my skin tone aren’t exactly white.
So, I don’t understand why they think of me as odd.
So odd they just can’t hold back their comments, apparently.
I even get these comments from people who are the same color as me.
I just don’t understand how these people think.

I feel sorry for the children who tell me these things.
They say things they don’t understand.
And they’ll continue to do so.

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