I Want a Man

I want to be with a brave man.
Someone who’s braver than me.
I can’t find a brave man anywhere, especially since the revolution.

I want to be with someone who stands in the face of danger.
But I don’t want to put too much pressure on him.
I don’t want a man to protect me.
I want a partner.
I want the kind of bravery that doesn’t come with jealousy or envy.
I don’t want him to be intimidated by my success.
I want him to care for me.
I want him to be brave enough to confess his love to me.
I don’t want him to be nervous or shy.
I want him to be confident.
I don’t want him to be driven by a need to control me.
I want him to be driven by his love for me.
To protect me because he loves me.
Not because I’m weak or a coward.
I wish I could find someone like that.

Those men are out there, but they’re few in number.
Most men are intimidated by women who are more successful than them.
They want women to stick to a certain role.
They want to protect them and be responsible for them.
Before the revolution, I thought this generation’s men were all shallow.
I felt that both men and women had no significant interests in life.
There was a sort of emptiness.
During the revolution, I was surprised to find that the men I thought were shallow were actually true men.
They joined protests and guarded their neighborhoods.
That’s why I’m optimistic.

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