Like You're Not There

Like You're Not There

I was on my way to school like any other day,
When I found everyone making fun of me because I was wearing clothes bigger in size than theirs.
I weighed more than them.

I don’t know how this whole thing started.
I couldn’t see the flaw they saw in me when I looked at myself in the mirror.
I couldn’t tell if it was me who was blind or if they were the ones seeing something that wasn’t there.
It kept getting worse everyday.
Annoying comments. Annoying behavior.
There’s no feeling worse than feeling unwanted.
No one wants you. No one loves you.

People overlook you as if you’re not even there.
This experience kills something inside you that nothing can bring back to life.
But by time, you gain unimaginable strength. No one matters to you.
Nothing can hurt you anymore. You’ve been through it all.

Time went by, and my will to change remarkably increased.
After losing more than 40 kg, the girl I had been trying to talk to—the one who used to turn me down using extremely hurtful words—tried to get in touch with me.
That’s when I realized that people only care about two things: money and looks.

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