Shoved to the Ground

He insisted on taking me to live with him and leave my mother.
“This is the last time I’m going to say this,” he said,
“Are you coming with me?”
He slapped me once, then twice, then three times,
Until I lost count.

The first slap sent my glasses flying in the air,
So I couldn’t see what was happening.
He grabbed me by the hair and dragged me.
I was screaming and everyone on the street gathered around.
I was calling out for help, but no one even asked what was going on.

He threw me into the car.
I felt like he was going to kill me.
When we arrived,
He pulled me out of the car and dragged me up to the house and shoved me to the floor.
He walked away and left me.
When he shoved me to the ground,
I felt like I lost a part of myself.
A part I will never get back.

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