A Life of Hardship

My father never treated me as if I were worthy of respect.
This has led to many hardships in my life.
I used to love him so much.
He married another woman when I was 13.
I felt lost then.
I was broken.
I started looking for what I lost,
In anyone I’d meet.
I did that for 12 years.
I hate him very much.
Because he’s the reason for how damaged I am.

The last thing he did,
Was when someone told him and his son,
That I was a whore.
They believed him, unfortunately.
No one even tried to defend my honor.
They believed him without thinking twice.
They made me undergo a virginity test at 3 different places,
So they’d believe that what he said wasn’ true.
I was humiliated.
They beat me and insulted me in the street and at the hospitals.
Nothing I said mattered.
It didn’t matter when I protested against being examined 3 times while I was still a girl.
It didn’t matter to them,
The amount of pain,
And psychological harm I was going through.

If I were to go back in time,
I’d convince my mother to leave him,
The day he married another woman,
Because his existence in our lives was harmful.

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