Abu Ali

It started around puberty.
My voice started to change.
It became very deep.
To the extent that if someone heard my voice,
Without seeing me,
They’d think I was an old man.
It’s happened to me a lot.

I was always bullied,
But because of my voice,
The bullying increased.
My voice got deeper around the time when Karim Abdel Aziz’s movie, Abu Ali, came out.
There was this scene where Talaat Zakaria was introducing someone to Karim Abdel Aziz.
And, because his voice was so deep,
He said that it was like he had just “swallowed a viper from the mountains.”
“He didn’t just swallow a viper from the mountains,” Karim Abdel Aziz retorted.
He swallowed the entire mountain.”
People used this line endlessly to make fun of me.
It’s become very annoying,
And emotionally draining.

I like to sing when I’m by myself.
People are bothered by my voice, of course.
I used to only sing when I was alone,
But I would sometimes forget that there were people around me,
And sing.
When that happened,
I would make fun of myself and say,
“Of course now you’re convinced that singing is haram,
After you’ve heard my voice.”
But I like my voice now.
I like to hum when I’m alone.
I accept my voice now,
And don’t have any problems with it.

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