His Fly Was Open

I was harassed two years ago.
I was walking down the street,
And I felt someone following me,
So I went down another street,
But he kept following me.
I was terrified, of course,
And I didn’t want to look back,
Because he would notice that I was afraid.
I kept walking,
And I went down a road with a church,
Because there were policemen there for security.
I looked back,
And I didn’t see him.
I thought to myself that he must’ve gotten scared and left when he saw the policemen.

I relaxed a bit,
And went down another street.
I was surprised when I saw him running towards me.
I broke into a run,
But he ran after me.
He grabbed me,
Lifted me up,
And wanted to drag me to a narrow street.
His fly was open.
I was so scared that I hit him,
And called for help.
I cursed him at the top of my lungs.
He got scared by my loud voice and ran away.

If this were to happen to me now,
I would run after him,
Grab him and beat him.
I’d take a picture of him,
And post it all over social media.
I would find someone to help me take him to a police station,
And file a report against him.
I wouldn’t back out
I would claim my legal rights.

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