My Family’s Embarrassment

I’ve always liked to read about everything.
I got my period in the eighth grade,
And I knew what it was from the things I had read.
I used to place tissues in my underwear,
Until I found out about pads.

Mama didn’t talk to me about anything that had to do with the female body.
I asked her back then,
But she didn’t answer me,
So I decided to find out everything for myself.
I still don’t tell them at home,
When I’m on my period.
I’m more comfortable around my friends,
Than I am at home.

I wish I could be myself,
But there’s still a barrier between us.
I knew nothing about menstruation,
Ever since they’d talk about it in primary school.
I wish they had talked to me about it,
Because I used to do things that I only realized were wrong when I read about them.
My family’s too embarrassed to talk about these things,
And their embarrassment harmed me.

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