My Son Looks Like Me

My forehead is kind of big.
I’ve always been bullied because of how I looked,
My forehead,
And my hair—
Which isn’t bad by the way,
But it isn't as beautiful as everyone else’s in the family.

I’ve always been told things like,
“Your hair could work as an antenna for the T.V.”
I always wished I could tie my hair up in a ponytail,
Like any other little girl.
I just wanted to wear any hairstyle that wasn’t a bun or a braid,
But I wasn’t allowed to, of course,
Because mama wanted my hair to look pretty like theirs.
And how could it look pretty?
By tying it back,
So it doesn’t get messy or wavy.

I have a child now,
And the bullying has taken on a different image.
My son looks like me.
He has a big forehead,
And his hair is like mine.

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