Snipping off a Piece of Me

One day,
In the middle of the first term of seventh grade,
Mama sent me over to my aunt’s.
“Go see what she wants,” she said.
When I went over to her place,
She told me to accompany her to the doctor’s.
I thought she was sick.
While we were waiting for our turn, she said,
“The doctor is going to examine you.”
I didn’t understand anything.
The doctor got a pair of scissors,
Pulled my legs apart,
And snipped something off me.
I was terrified.
I went back home,
Feeling that something very wrong had happened.
I couldn’t stop crying.
When baba came back home,
He smiled at me and congratulated me.
I continued to wail.
I now have tissue damage,
And other incurable illnesses because of FGM.

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