Things Like That

I don’t really remember the details of the first day,
But I remember being afraid.
Afraid of growing up,
Of having to wear the hijab.
Of not being young anymore,
And the changes my body will go through.

I talked to my mother,
And told her that I was afraid,
And uncertain.
This fear is not a good thing.
It could stay with you until you’re older.
This is a normal thing.
It’s a biological change that your body goes through,
So why should we hide it,
Be afraid of it,
And embarrassed by it?

Why aren’t we educated about it when we’re young,
And taught how to deal with it?
I’m not talking about the education we receive in religion and science classes at school,
Or about the facts and scientific information we get.
I’m talking about the mood swings,
And the pain.
Why do they happen?
What could lift your mood during it?
We should learn that this is the natural state of women.
That we shouldn’t be embarrassed by sanitary pad commercials on TV,
And that it’s okay to buy them for yourself.
Things like that.

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