Trigger warning / “A Part of Me” campaign:
This story could contain potentially sensitive and/or triggering material, especially for victims of female genital mutilation. Please remember to check in with yourself as you read and to stop reading if it gets too overwhelming.

It started when I was in elementary school.
When I was in fourth grade,
One of our neighbours took me to the doctor.
I was very scared.
At first they couldn’t find anesthesia,
They kept searching until they did.
Thank God for that.

They performed the procedure.
I lost a lot of blood.
The doctor was concerned.
But things turned out okay, thank God.
After that, I felt embarrassed when baba even looked at me.
It made me feel naked.

Despite that, growing up, I often felt horny,
It didn’t stop it.
I’d feel aroused when I’d see something indecent.
I even started mastubrating.
I tried to stop.
I do it less frequently now, but I didn’t stop completely.
Good upbringing, and a sense of comfort and security is what keeps us safe,
Not cutting off a part of our bodies.

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