Your Husband Will Be Disgusted

I was in the seventh grade,
When mama and baba told me:
“You’ve grown up and you need to be circumcised.”
I didn’t understand what was going to happen,
Or what exactly they were going to do.
All I understood was that if I didn’t remove that specific part,
It was going to grow to look like a male part.
“You can’t get married with that part still intact,”
Mama told me,
“Otherwise your husband will be disgusted,
Because you’ll be like a man.”
My neighbor, who was my age,
And I were taken to a shady doctor’s clinic.
The doctor was creepy,
And they were all laughing in a very cold way.
I felt my heart sink then,
Even though I didn’t understand what was going to happen.
That feeling of suffocation still haunts me till now,
And I can’t forgive them.

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