The Sudanese Woman

The Sudanese Woman

It was around 2:00 pm in the afternoon in Al-Hagana.
There, people get their water supply from a public water tap.
There were a lot of people waiting in line, among them was a Sudanese woman.
She was in her forties, wearing a traditional Sudanese dress.

She obviously had to wait in line with everyone else.
But she also had to wait until everyone else finished.
Just because she was Sudanese.

She filled her two containers and was leaving when a group of 17 year old boys started singing racist songs.
Then they yanked off her dress.
She stood naked in the middle of the street.
She dropped the containers and tried to cover herself up.
People were standing around watching and laughing.
She was devastated.

No one moved.
An old lady got out of the line and yelled at the boys.
“Shame on you, you assholes! You’re just a bunch of drugged-up bastards!”
But they had already left a long time ago.

I wasn’t standing in the line.
I was standing far away.
It made me upset what I witnessed.
If I had a brick, I would’ve thrown it at them and cracked open one of their heads.
They’re not human beings.

If they were still standing there, I would’ve gotten into a physical fight with them.
These are the thugs of Al-Hagana.
They carry knives and other dangerous weapons.

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