Even More Beautiful

I’ve always been fat, though with varying degrees.
I’m on a diet now, and I’m trying to eat healthy.

All my life, people have been telling me to lose weight,
Regardless of who these people are and what sort of relationship I have with them.

What matters though is that my mom always told me that I’m beautiful,
She always said,
“If you lose some weight, you’ll be even more beautiful!”

She always stood up for me when I was being bullied,
And she taught me how to stand up for myself.
When I got older,
I met people, who even after losing weight,
Still think they’re ugly.

I’m very proud of having her as a mother,
And proud of being her daughter.
I’m currently on a diet because I want to be healthier,
But I’m beautiful, and I’m going to be even more beautiful.

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