My Grandmother’s Influence

I was in the fifth grade.

During summer holidays we used to travel to the countryside,

To stay for a week with my father’s family in Qena.

One time,

On the day after we arrived,

They woke me up at 6 am.

My aunt told me to get up,

Because they were getting so and so done to me.

The doctor arrived,

And I was scared.

I kept begging mama to not let them do it to me.

I had some idea of what was going to happen from friends and relatives.
But unfortunately,

my grandmother’s influence was stronger than my pleas.

I was given an anesthetic.

I fell asleep,

And woke up to a pain I’ll never forget.

Just so you know,

Mama and baba are educated people.

They’re college graduates and they both have jobs.

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