I Hate My Life

I hate my life.
What should I do?
Why do people not like me?
There must be something wrong with me.

I’m tired of my parents.
I don’t know why some people feel bad for orphans.
Maybe their lives are much better without parents.
I don’t want my parents.
They don’t do anything for me.
I don’t spend time with them.
They don’t want to listen to me.
They don’t want to listen to the truth.

I actually told them how I feel.
I don’t love them.
I don’t love them because they refuse to give me a chance.
They need to stop making fun of me.
Not because I’m a good person,
But because I’m human.
I think I’m too kind.
I also need to stop slouching.
I need to straighten my back more.

Yes, I need to buy a new bra,
So I could straighten my back properly,
And walk right.
But I’m never comfortable walking down the street anyway.

How come God doesn’t grant me any wishes?
All I’ve ever asked for was to be a normal person.
To have friends.
Nothing more.
What am I doing wrong?
Do I not study enough?
Is it because I’m not making my parents proud?
If I get higher grades,
Will that make people like me?

I want to get married and move out.
I don’t want to live with them anymore.
A lot of people move out.
How come I can’t?

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