Men and I

I'm known for my constant attacks on men, provoked or unprovoked. I like doing it just for the heck of it.
I even invented a new curse word to use among my friends: "Man". We use it to describe anything we find despicable.
I haven’t been able, however, to convince my friends of just how despicable men can be.
They always seem to think my opinions are extreme. That not all men are alike. 
Yes, of course not all men are alike; they differ in their degree of despicableness!

When I’m alone, pondering my rejection of this rotten, patriarchal world, I wonder if my opinions truly are extreme.
I mean, so what if my uncle divorced his wife five times?
And what's wrong with my other uncle being married to three women at the same time?
And why is it a big deal that my aunt was once beaten up with a pair of flip flops for refusing to make a cup of tea for her
husband, who was lazing in front of the TV watching a football match while she was busy scrubbing the bathroom floor?

My youngest aunt was divorced twice: once for refusing to wake up early to polish her husband's shoes, and the second time for refusing to sleep with him after an exhausting day at work.
Yes, the example of my aunt clearly shows that my opinion of men is too harsh (bearing in mind that he eventually took what he wanted anyway, beat the hell out of her, and then divorced her).
You know, I think I might be exaggerating a little. There are still a lot of "decent" men around. My cousin, for example, treats his wife like a queen, while he treats his lovers horribly, especially the ones who lost their virginity to him.
But, maybe my friends are right. Maybe the problem is not with all men, just the ones in my family.
You see, my friend who comes from an upper class family has never had to deal with such problems. Her husband, who's a doctor, only beats her from time to time when he loses his

The husband of another friend of mine—she's an engineer—has never laid a finger on her.  He does, however, forcibly take her salary at the beginning of each month, spending it on his girlfriends and on installments for his new apartment.
I have, however, witnessed situations in which the man was the victim. Our overweight neighbor entertains us daily with her constant bullying of her husband, who has lost the right to defend himself in this male-dominated world because he's sexually impotent!
Believe it or not, all these examples are true and I know countless more.
But, I still truly believe the world is a good place, because our doorman 'Amm 'Abdou treats his wife with the utmost respect and allows her to smoke shisha right outside the building entrance, whereas Hamada, our previous doorman, used to kick his wife in the stomach when she was pregnant with their fourth son!

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