A Successful Violation

I was late to my course.
It was the first class and I couldn’t be late.
I was walking quickly.
I was wearing regular clothes: jeans and a t-shirt.
There was a bridge next to the building where the course was.
I crossed it, according to the directions I was given.
It was crowded.
I didn’t really pay attention to the people crossing.
I was too busy trying not to be late.

Among the crowd was a boy I could see coming from far away.
I couldn’t make out his face because of the lighting.
He appeared like a ghost or a shadow.
I was scared, but I didn’t want to unnecessarily worry myself.
I kept walking.

The boy stopped mid-way to tie his shoes.
As I was getting closer to him, I thought to myself what was taking him so long to tie a shoelace.
My fear increased.
When I was approaching him, he got up and continued walking.
I tried to get as far from him as possible.
But the walkway was too narrow.
I walked faster as he got closer to me.
As soon as I passed him, I let out a sigh of relief.

But, unfortunately, that relief was short-lived.
He grabbed my breast with a smile on his face.
His smile was a sign of his disgusting victory.
“You disgusting, filthy animal!” I cursed him.
He said a bunch of filthy things while still smiling and continued on his way.
Like nothing had happened.

I went numb.
I was short of breath.
I was shaking and crying hysterically.
I’ve never felt worse in my life.
I was disappointed with myself.
I felt helpless and miserable.
I wanted to scream until I’d pass out.
I was so disgusted by myself that wanted to get a knife and cut my breast off.

Why did this happen?
How could I stay quiet and not stand up for myself?
Was this fear or weakness, I wonder?
Or have our bodies become immune to the amount of shit we experience every day in the streets?
Why would he do that?
Why would anyone do that?
Is he perhaps the victim of an ignorant and corrupted society?
Or is it just him?
There are endless possibilities.
There are a lot of unanswered questions.
But there is only outcome;
A successful violation.

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