The Virginity Test

I didn’t bleed a lot the first day I got my period,
So there were doubts about whether or not it was actually my period.
It was the worst time of my life.
There was talk between my family about waiting till the following day,
Just to make sure.
Then they took me to get a virginity test.
This made me feel so dirty,
And to this day I can’t seem to shake that feeling off.

Not to mention the way I was treated with disgust after that,
Even when I was doing something as simple as bringing someone a glass of water.
And just when I thought it was all over,
I was surprised that I had to go get my genitals cut,
Because I was a grown up now and they were afraid I’d start thinking about inappropriate things.
At the time I was surprised.
Because I thought periods only came once.
I didn’t know anything back then;
I was only 11.

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