A Taller Husband

My height used to always be a major issue for me.
Ever since elementary school,
The first thing people ask me is,
“Why are you so tall?”
And if it’s a kind person,
And they’re feeling sorry for me,
They’ll pray I find a husband taller than me.
I’m 180 cm tall.
I’ve used to hate myself,
And I hated pictures and looking in the mirror.
I always thought of what they said:
That I’m ugly, tall, fat, and unfeminine.
I always had low self-esteem.
Whenever I went anywhere,
I’d scan the place for people taller than me.
I still have trouble being around people.

But now,
Thank God,
I’ve come to accept myself.
I now love my height.
It makes me unique,
And I’m able to defend myself when people bully me now.
The person I’ve chosen to be my partner is shorter than I am,
And he doesn’t make me feel like there’s anything wrong with me.
He’s actually made up for the things I felt were missing.
It doesn’t matter what people think of me anymore,
I now always put myself first,
Above other people’s opinions.

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