Extra Long Toes

I was born with extra long toes.
It was why I was bullied often as a kid.
I became self-conscious about wearing anything that exposed my toes.
I always wore socks to avoid any annoying comments or questions like,
“What’s up with your toes? Why aren’t they all the same length?”
I get a lot of exclamations and comments like,
“Poor thing, what are you going to do about them when you get older?”

When I grew up,
I learned that a thyroid imbalance when my mother was pregnant with me,
Was the reason behind the issue with my toes.
I started accepting them,
But I still avoid revealing my toes in front of people I don’t know well.
It may seem like a trivial issue,
But it’s left a mark on me,
One that still hasn’t gone away.

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