Light Skin, Blue Eyes

So I know I'm not that pretty,
But as you know,
Arabs go head over heels for girls with light skin and blue or green eyes,
And I happen to have those genes.
My sister doesn't, though,
And she always gets rude comments because of it,
but that's a story for another time.

A lot of men have crushed on me from a really young age.
Proposing to me and promising me the world.
But then I got into an accident that ruined half of my face.
All those promises vanished into thin air.
I literally found no one beside me
but my family and a couple of old friends from high school.
It's funny how even some women cut ties with me.

I no longer talk to anyone now.
I no longer care about my looks,
And I hate it when a guy compliments my looks too.

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