No Escape

Trigger warning / “A Part of Me” campaign:
This story could contain potentially sensitive and/or triggering material, especially for victims of female genital mutilation. Please remember to check in with yourself as you read and to stop reading if it gets too overwhelming.

I remember that day clearly.
I knew that I was going to get circumcised, it happened to my sisters.
I was 12 then. I took a shower and they dressed me in a short skirt.
They took me to a surgeon. He passed away, but I will never pray for him.
I will never forgive my mother either.

I felt so afraid and angry, but I wasn't able to say anything.
I did as I was told.
The surgeon cut part of my clitoris with a scissor,
Then I got up and left.
My mother didn’t feel guilty at all,
On the contrary, she didn’t think that she had done anything wrong.

I am the youngest, and we all got circumcised.
I was the only one who felt angry and devastated.
It took me a while to understand sex,
Or to get to know myself.
I always feel like something is missing;
That I am not normal.
I hate violence,
I am afraid of sex.
I constantly feel like I hate myself.
I do not feel like I am okay with myself or my body,
And I am still trying to heal from that.

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