Because I Wear a Cross

I’m a girl, and I’m bullied every day,
Because I wear a cross.
People give me mean looks.
I try my best to ignore them, but they’re too much.
I’ve never really reacted to anything they’ve done.
But the way they look at me, it’s like they’re asking, “How dare you wear a cross?”
Some people grit their teeth and get angry.

People have forgotten we’re in 2019.
There should be freedom.
It’s my right to wear a cross.
It’s part of my religious views.

A number of these people, by the way, are from upper classes from the fifth settlement [an affluent area in Cairo].
Rich people.
I’m not saying all rich people are like that.
I just want to clarify that it has nothing to do with class.
It’s a mentality.

I’m already a person who minds their own business.
I wear modest clothing.
And whenever I walk on campus, or down the street, or any place at all,
I keep to myself and mind my own business.
But the whole thing is honestly getting out of control.

My family has sent me to the second largest university,
The most expensive one in Egypt,
Just to shield me from harassment.
But it happens anyway on campus every day.
One time, one girl even had the sheer audacity to insult my religion in front of me.
She didn’t see that what she was doing was wrong.
I took it calmly at first, but then I had to explain to her that what she said wasn’t okay.

Some people are afraid to tell their stories,
But people shouldn't be afraid.

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