I’m Fighting Alone

I don’t know… nothing is good.
I’m trying, but I feel like I’ve been fighting by myself for a long time.
The people I was surrounded by are no longer there.
Even the casual relationships I used to have during school time have ceased to exist.

I get bullied and insulted.
It happened that once the religion teacher performed on me the Islamic practice of healing in front of my classmates.
They had planned to do it because they saw that my being different was something abnormal.
I couldn’t do anything.
When I tried to speak up, they just said that it was a joke.

My relationship with close friends has also become unstable.
I can’t do this again.
I can’t tolerate what’s happening and what I’m being subjected to.
I get anxious whenever the vacation nears its end,
Because I don’t want to spend 3 years with people I don’t like and have no desire of dealing with.

My family?

They’re supposed to provide support in these cases,
But they’re part of the struggle.
The way they humiliate me is another problem I’m facing.
I’m literally fighting alone.
Music is one of my favorite escape mechanisms.

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